Behind My Face Paint: Tech N9ne’s Top 10 Face Paint Designs

Oct 28 2011

Tech N9ne's Top 10 Face Paint Designs

One look at Tech N9ne and it’s easy to tell why people have labeled him weird for so many years. The Kansas City King has sold over 1.8 million albums independently, he’s toured the country for years, and has even won an MTV Woodie award, but it’s his rather peculiar appearance that has caught the attention of people everywhere. Like a warrior ready for battle, Tech N9ne’s traditional face paint has been a part of his image for well over a decade.

As Halloween now approaches, we’ve decided to compile Tech N9ne’s Top 10 face paint designs and give you a gallery of ideas to choose from!

10 ) The K.O.D. Jaws

The K.O.D. Jaws

9) “BANK”

Tech N9ne - "BANK"

8 ) “EAT ME!”

Tech N9ne - "EAT ME"

7) “X: A Decade Of Excellence”

Tech N9ne - "A Decade Of Excellence"

6) “All 6’s And 7’s”

Tech N9ne - "All 6's And 7's"

5) “The Bad Season”

Tech N9ne - "Bad Season"

4) “HURT”

Tech N9ne - "HURT"

3) “The King Of Darkness”

Tech N9ne - "King Of Darkness"

2) “Sickology 101”

Tech N9ne - "Sickology 101"

1) “STAIN (Red Nose -Music Video)”

Tech N9ne - "STAIN"

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