‘It’s Just My Season, I Love It’ – Tech N9ne Talks Halloween [SM Exclusive]

Oct 31 2011

Tech N9ne Talks Halloween

With ghouls and all creatures of the night free to roam the streets, Halloween is the one day of the year that many feel like they can be themselves. One such individual is the King Of Darkness himself, Tech N9ne. His trademark face paint and stage theatrics have earned him quite the reputation, but on Halloween, the self-proclaimed “Clown” feels right at home. Just as Halloween approached, we caught up with Tech N9ne and asked him about his favorite holiday.

Why is Halloween your favorite holiday?

I’ve always been intrigued to the darker sides. Just growing up as a kid, like everything that came with it. The costumes, the way they wear themselves, you know. Going from house to house, trick or treaters in Halloween costumes was kind of scary as a child. Infatuated with the dark side man, anything that got to do with Samhain or whatever. It’s near my birthday, it’s my season. November 8 for real, a week after Halloween pretty much. It’s just my season, I love it.

If you had the day off, what would you like to do this year?

If I had the day off on Halloween, I would fly back to Kansas City, Missouri because we have the dopest haunted houses. The Beast is there and The Edge of Hell is there. I miss Dr. Deadly’s Haunted Hospital, used to be right on Truman Road. I miss it, I wish they would bring it back. Beautiful things man, the Midwest is just so Halloween. This time, it’s so festive. I would fly back to Kansas City and I would hit three haunted houses maybe. I’d eat like closer to midnight, I’d stop at Gates and get some mutherfuckin beef on bun. Late as possible you know. After that I’d hit a club with my fuckin paint on, til like three o’clock in the morning. Then after that, I’d go to my house and have the after set at my house. Whoever wanted to come back, it’s cool. Halloween , fuck it, Tech N9ne is out. That’s what I would do.

If you had to pick someone to dress up as, who would you pick?

Michael Myers. That’s who I am mentally. I’m a mental murderer. You know, Mike, he’s precise. Even though he walks slow, he gets there quick. He’s precise and shit, with his incisions. I’m precise with my shit, lyrically. I’d be Michael Myers. I have the original mask, the William Shatner mold, at my home. I have many jumpsuits at my house from back in the Nnutthowze days. I pretty much have the costume at home. I wouldn’t have a real knife, although I have really big butcher knives at my house that resemble a lot of the ones he used. I wouldn’t take that with me, it’s dangerous, you know. I’d be Michael Myers.

Did you have a favorite costume growing up?

Yeah, I think I just told somebody this in an interview. It was a Batman outfit that my momma got me. It wasn’t the blue one, the blue and grey one. It was like a burgundy and black one or something like that, it was crazy. It was Batman, but a different kind of Batman. I wore it to school, even after Halloween. Teachers would make me take off my mask. It had to be like first or second grade, I don’t know. I wore it as a costume for a couple of days after Halloween because I loved it so much. My momma was like, “You cannot wear that again.” Batman, so now I’m the snake and the bat-man.

What’s your favorite candy and what’s your least favorite?

My favorite candy is Snickers. I could eat them everyday, but I don’t. I love Snickers. Whenever I come to the office, I sift through the candy to see if I can find little Snickers. When I’m at the studio I sift through the candy to see if I can find bite size Snickers. I love Snickers. My least favorite is Peppermint Pattie. I don’t like chocolate and mint, I don’t think it goes together. I’ve never liked it.

What about black licorice candy?

I don’t fuck with black licorice at all. I can’t stand it. That’s why I can’t drink Jager, it reminds me of it.

Is Halloween any different in the hood?

No, we just always went to the white neighborhood to get candy. A lot of the people in the hood didn’t have candy, or maybe couldn’t afford it, I don’t know. All I remember about the hood is when it was time for fireworks, everybody had them in their house, selling them. As far as candy, we always went to the white neighborhood, outside of our hood, to get candy.

Where are you playing on Halloween this year? What are you doing different?

Portland or Eugene. One of the two. We paint our faces fully, it’s something we don’t do every night.

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-Victor Sandoval, Assistant Editor Strange Music

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