Kutt Calhoun Speaks On New Mixtape Releases [Video]

Nov 28 2011

Kutt Calhoun Speaks With StudioLeaks

There’s a reason why Kutt Calhoun is referred to as the Kansas City Chief. The man in red is looking to take his unique brand of street music to new places, as he recently told StudioLeaksTV in an exclusive interview.

Speaking to StudioLeaksTV while on The Lost Cities Tour, Kutt Calhoun confirmed that he was working towards the release of two separate mixtapes. Kutt also spoke on a list of collaborations he would like to secure, including T.I., T-Pain, and Paul Wall. With Red-Headed Stepchild still in rotation for fans across the nation, Kutt Calhoun is making sure that 2012 belongs to him.

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