Tech N9ne Interview with Renegade Rip [Audio]

Nov 10 2011

Clocking in at just over twenty minutes, this interview with Tech N9ne, conducted by Renegade Rip from Bakersfield College in Southern California hits on many interesting topics – from why Tech is on cloud nine right now – to the origins of “Alucard” – to future culinary (!) plans – to the duality of his inner-conflict, and many topics in-between.

Tech starts the interview by stating that his fans changed his life – “I was a bum with talent, they saved my life.” He also claims he can see the big picture – the full scope of everything the fans do for him – when he sees himself taking care of his family and kids. This should be no news to the Technician – as his pre-order track for All 6’s And 7’s – “F.A.N.S.” – let all of us (the fans) know just how important we really were to him.

Fans may remember an E.P. by the name of Seepage – a little gem that came out after K.O.D. – after Tech said he wanted to stray away from the dark and depressing songs for a while. Seepage was a beautiful album of darkness that…well…seeped out of Tech as he was making his transition. One such song on that E.P. – “Alucard” (Dracula backwards) – became a fan favorite. In this podcast interview, Tech reveals the origins for this song by saying that he feels like Dracula – an immortal – when he sees his fellow rappers and idols coming down from their apexes – their height – and Tech is still climbing up his mountain.

As a total – and totally welcome – surprise, Tech reveals that he wants to open up a restaurant, but not just any, a five-star one. Anticipation brews over this revelation – perhaps a bar stocked with Caribou Lou’s and KC Tea?

The last major topic Tech touches on is the duality of his own inner-conflict. On one hand, he is plagued with the sadness associated with his sick mother saying “I party all the time because I need to muffle the sad,” but on the other hand he says “I love my conflict, it makes for beautiful music. I am a beautiful clusterfuck.”

Listen to the full podcast HERE.