‘Bang Out’ Featuring 816 Boyz [Song]

Nov 14 2011

Tech N9ne - Welcome To StrangelandThe road to Strangeland is filled with some wild adventures, but when Tech N9ne comes across the ladies of Strangeland, he calls on the 816 Boyz for some assistance.

Picking up where he left off with “He’s A Mental Giant”, Seven drops this melodic and almost hypnotizing production on Welcome To Strangeland. If there’s one thing that stands out the most, it’s the absolutely monstrous bass that shakes the very foundation of the track. Makzilla, Kutt Calhoun, and Krizz Kaliko all join in to complete the 816 Boyz line up. The tracks gives Welcome To Strangeland one of its first breaks from the serious material and takes listeners into a sexually explicit romp through Tech’s fantasy world. Kutt Calhoun makes an impressive strike with his slowed down flow, focusing more on metaphors and lyrics than anything else. Makzilla takes the spotlight for himself with a hilarious verse to close out the strip club anthem. Although Tech N9ne spits another flawless verse, the rest of the 816 Boyz make sure that “Bang Out” evenly plays out on all parts.

Kutt Calhoun says:

“It’s an 816 Boys song, myself, Tech N9ne, Krizz Kaliko, and Makzilla. It’s a dope song, it’s very club savvy. It’s very modern day savvy, you know. Simple hook and of course we on there doing our thing. Rapping like a motherfucker on there. I kind of changed up my pattern on this one. I had a more subtle approach, more metaphoric, more punch-liney on this one. Just to show the diversity once again. Everybody knows we can rap fast and with the tongue twisting words and real intricate lyrics and I just wanted to just let them know, that ain’t the only thing I can do. I can dumb it down a little bit too and still have swag on there. Still make a statement, make a point with being witty and having metaphors and punch lines. That’s just one of them songs man, if you put it on at the club it’s going to bang all day. Strip club, regular club, and this definitely could have been a single for Welcome To Strangeland too. You know it’s not over as Tech said, ‘We ain’t done yet.’ So, it could possibly be one, you just never know.”

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