Nikkiya ‘When I Was High’ Remix Featuring Tech N9ne And Rittz [Audio]

Nov 16 2011

Nikkiya "When I Was High (Remix)" Featuring Tech N9ne And RittzAs if Welcome to Strangeland didn’t satisfy your insatiable appetite for more Tech N9ne, out comes Will Power and Matt “Mateo” Hayes’ epic remix of “When I Was High” by Nikkiya Featuring Tech N9ne and Rittz!

You may remember Nikkiya’s heavenly voice from “Delusional” and “Promiseland” off of Tech’s All 6’s And 7’s. Here, the angel shows her darker side claiming “Life seemed so damn good – when I was high,” – remember Tech said it himself at the end of “K.O.D” when he claimed sometimes angels fall.

Tech’s verse is a lyrical powerhouse involving everything from Kill Bill to Juliette Lewis – everything you would come to expect from the N9na. Without missing a beat, Rittz keeps the frantic pace set by Tech in the second verse – a beautiful juxtaposition to the calm beat of the song. Closing it all up, Nikkiya ends the song with her angelic voice asking “They say don’t do drugs and don’t get high – So why am I in my momma’s room, sneaking her supplies?”

Click here to listen to the remix of “When I Was High”.

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