POLL: Favorite Producer On ‘Welcome To Strangeland’?

Nov 18 2011

Tech N9ne - Welcome To StrangelandWelcome To Strangeland managed to perfectly match all of the diverse styles and personalities that make up the Strange Music roster.

With collaborations involving everyone on the label, Welcome To Strangeland sought to build the strongest Collabos album yet. One of the most important pieces of the album was the production, which served as a bridge from one theme to another. For this, Tech N9ne reached out to some of the best producers he’s ever worked with. Jomeezius The Genius, Seven, Plex Luthor of ¡MAYDAY!’, David Sanders II, and Beats 4 Days helped mold the sounds behind Tech’s fantasy world. We would like to know who your favorite producer was on Welcome To Strangeland.

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