The Sad Circus: Top 10 Most Melancholy Songs By Tech N9ne

Nov 14 2011

Top 10 Most Melancholy Songs By Tech N9neFor as long as he’s been making music, Tech N9ne has shared his darkest and most emotional moments with listeners. From the painful realities of Anghellic to the anger felt on K.O.D., Tech’s music has always served as an outlet for his struggles, some more personal than others.

With songs like “Sad Circus” and “The Noose”, Tech N9ne’s Welcome To Strangeland reminded fans that no matter what, you can never truly escape the darkness in the world. Time spent away from loved ones, spiritual battles, and death all paint a picture of a man looking for answers. Some of Tech N9ne’s greatest pains have made for his greatest songs. We have collected his Top 10 Most Melancholy Songs in order to shed some light on some of the best music Tech has made.

“They love my pain because it makes for great music”

10 ) “Far Away” Tech N9ne battled his own mortality and that of those around him on this introspective cut from Sickology 101. Krizz Kaliko joined him with his own reflective words on the life of his son and the inevitable outcome of both their lives. Death, it gets us all.

9) “P.A.S.E.O. ( The Poem Aaron Saw Extra Ordinary)”Once again exploring his death, Tech reflected on his loved ones and the memories he had of his life growing up. In the final words, Tech speaks:

“End of the road 29 north to the bridge
If I go I’m leavin everything to my wife and my kids
Travis if I go whatever my half is you give her
And no funeral just throw my ashes in the Missouri River”

8 ) “The Noose”A visit with wounded soldiers inspired this somber dedication to those who defend our country. Joined by ¡MAYDAY!, Tech touched on the sensitive subject of suicide and opened up about his sympathy towards those fighting with the issue.

7) “If I Could” – Years of life on the road and touring around the world have kept Tech N9ne from his family. Backed by Deftones, Tech N9ne penned this heartfelt account of his chase to achieve a better life for them. “All I need is time”

6) “One Good Time”Most people do what they can to fight back tears, but Tech N9ne fights to let them loose on “One Good Time”. Tech said it best with: “Just let me break down with the pain I felt when Brian Dennis died, one time”

5) “Last Sad Song”Tech N9ne sought to escape the darkness he felt after recording K.O.D. “Last Sad Song” was Tech’s way of ridding himself of any and all depression. From his mother’s illness to the heavy heart he carried during 2009, Tech N9ne spilled out his emotions with every word.

4) “Suicide Letters”Not afraid to speak his mind and share his lowest moments, Tech N9ne’s “Suicide Letters” gives listeners a grim look at Tech N9ne’s life. With suicide letters addressing those close to him, Tech N9ne apologized for his mistakes in life and said goodbye for the last time.

3) “This Ring” – Considered by many to be Tech N9ne’s best song, “This Ring” featured Tech N9ne reminiscing on his marriage, family, and career in music. As Tech shared, not everything is what it seems and being Tech N9ne was more about the sacrifices made than the benefits reaped. Adding an emotional touch beyond measure, Tech N9ne’s son provided additional vocals.

2) “Low”K.O.D. was Tech N9ne’s venture into a complete world of darkness. Feeling the effects of his mother’s health and the decay of good things around him, Tech N9ne went to a very painful place in his soul as he expressed just how depressed he really was. The hurt in Tech N9ne’s voice was enough to illustrate his mind state.

1) “The Rain” – In the ultimate outpouring of love for his family, Tech N9ne laid down “The Rain” as a way to express the sacrifices he’s made to please his fans and pursue the career that many believe came easy. Making it a family affair, the track even features a back and forth verse between Tech and his two daughters. With a life dedicated to music, Tech N9ne gave up a life with his children, something that he’ll never get back while he lives in The Rain.

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