Tech N9ne: ‘I Would Love Liz Suwandi To Be The First Lady Of Strange’ [SM Exclusive]

Nov 3 2011

Tech N9ne Speaks Liz Suwandi

With an appearance on “Poisonous” from Tech N9ne’s Killer, Liz Suwandi captured the attention of Strange Music fans everywhere. Her sultry voice proved to be a perfect match to Tech N9ne’s unorthodox sound. Fans received another taste of her exceptional talent on All 6’s And 7’s, making her a hot topic in the Strange Music world. Would we see another piece of music from Tech N9ne and Liz Suwandi?

As it turns out, Tech N9ne enlisted the help of Liz Suwandi for his latest album, Welcome To Strangeland. Scheduled for release in less than a week, listeners will hear more of what Liz Suwandi has to offer. While out on The Lost Cities Tour, Tech N9ne took a moment to speak with us about his relationship with Liz Suwandi and what he expects will come from it.

How did you discover Liz Suwandi?

She was a visitor at a strip club, years ago when she was eighteen. She was just visiting, she wasn’t trying to strip or anything. She was just a person that was down there trying to party. That was when I was on ecstasy pretty bad and we would just have ecstasy parties and shit. After the strip club, at the time I was kickin it with this chick Roxanne and we used to go over to Roxanne’s house. Like twenty or thirty of us would go over there, like Big Nick, all of my security would just go and Liz Suwandi came with us. She partied and she made the whole place laugh with some shit she said, and it was never forgotten, I clicked. She was the girl, a Bollywood chick. She was nice and beautiful, she was funny too. Shortly after that I ran into her at a lot of other places and we exchanged numbers . She started letting me know that she sang and whenever she sang to me it was like beautiful, it just had me in a trance. It was somebody I was never trying to get at sexually or relationship wise, it just always wonderful to hear her sing. Every time she sang, I would close my eyes. She would mesmerize me, you know. I kept talking to her a lot more and we started working and doing music together. We initially met at the strip club, it sounds bad, but she was just there with some of her people. Kickin it, you know. I wish she was dancing at the strip club, I probably woulda been a regular. She can play the guitar and everything and sing to you dude. We wrote music together and she would just sit there and play the guitar like, “What do you think about this?” It was just freestyle, I’m like, “Fuck, amazing.”

She’s featured on Welcome To Strangeland, do you expect to do more work with her?

We just had a meeting with her, at Strange Music, three days ago. Her and her people, Patrick. Her producer Patrick. I wasn’t there, but Travis told me it went pretty good. Strange Music is going to take different turns with other types of music. I would love Liz Suwandi to be the first lady of Strange.

That’s pretty exciting news, the fans seem to love her.

I think she told me, “You gotta stop calling me Liz Suwandi, Tech.” I’m like, ‘Why?” She said, “It’s just Suwandi.” I’m like, “Okay…Liz.” She wants to be called Suwandi from now on, you know. I’m going to forever call her Liz, but when I see her from now on, I’ll call her Suwandi because that’s what she wants. Just Suwandi. People gonna think her first name is Su. Like Su Wandi, no it’s one name – Suwandi. She’s Bollywood man. Bollywood chick. Like that song I did with Swollen Members, “I want a Bollywood Chick”.

Hear more from Liz Suwandi and Tech N9ne on Welcome To Strangeland, available November 8.

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Victor Sandoval, Assistant Editor Strange Music

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