Tech N9ne Speaks On Performing In Afghanistan, ‘The Noose’ And New Fame [Interview]

Nov 4 2011

Tech N9ne Speaks On "The Noose", Performing In Afghanistan, And More

At almost 40 years old, Tech N9ne has been working his independent hustle for over a decade. His recent string of success may be considered a late occurrence to some, but for Tech it’s still a blessing.

Preparing for his 40th birthday and the release of Welcome To Strangeland on November 8, Tech N9ne recently spoke with on a variety of topics. Reflecting on his motivation for “The Noose”, Tech openly discussed the emotions evoked by wounded soldiers at Camp Pendleton and how it has led to his first confirmed tour in Afghanistan:

“Camp Pendleton made me think, they out there fighting for our freedom, man. And, because I did the song [‘The Noose’] so well, from Dec. 11-17, I’m a be in Afghanistan. Performin’ for the troops, four shows. I’m goin’.”

Tech also touched on his new fame and that despite it coming at such a late stage in his life, he is still ready to keep moving. Other topics included Tech’s choice of collaborations and how Nnutthowze laid the groundwork for his entire career. Most people at Tech’s age would be considered over the hill, but he’s making sure he stays at the top of it.

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