Totally Random Public Pop-Lock To ‘Who Do I Catch Now’

Nov 23 2011

Who Do I Catch Pop LockImagine yourself sitting at your favorite little nook in the mall – perhaps it’s the place with the awesome orange-raspberry smoothies or the place with a good view of that cute barista you will never talk to besides when you order (just so you can talk to her) – then out of the corner of your eye you see something…off…

Enter PaulG’s video of…well…Paul G of the GoodFellas – an amazingly talented dance group – doing what he does best – a totally random pop-lock dance routine set to Tech N9ne’s “Who Do I Catch”.Besides mastering the hypnotic art known as the pop-lock, one may realize that they are listening to the track over the video, meaning the music was added later. Think about that, unless there was a low quality version of the song we didn’t hear, Paul G here was doing this all free-style and it coresponds PERFECTLY to the song.

Beware…your mall could be next.

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