2011 MVP Showdown – Brotha Lynch Hung V. Kutt Calhoun

Dec 23 2011

Strange Music MVP Awards 2011

The first annual Strange Music MVP Awards 2011 have brought out the masses and they have made their choices clear. From day one, the Strange Music MVP Award race has been a heated one as fans scrambled to push their choice to the top of the mountain. The coveted award recognizes the individual who improved the most and left the biggest impact within Strange Music in 2011. With mere hours remaining, it’s come down to two of the best that Strange Music has to offer – Kutt Calhoun and Brotha Lynch Hung. The race to the finish line has been an exciting one as fans have battled back and forth, resulting in the closest contest of the Strange Music MVP Awards. Every hour brings each artist closer and closer to the top honor, but who will take the definitive lead?

2011 was a strong year for Brotha Lynch Hung, as he saw the release of his long awaited sequel album, Coathanga Strangla. The album spawned hit singles like “The Coathanga” and “Sooner Or Later”. Coupled with a trilogy of brand new music videos, Brotha Lynch Hung was hard to miss and his die-hard fan base just couldn’t get enough. Not missing a beat, Brotha Lynch Hung then surprised listeners with one of his strongest verses ever on Young Bleed’s “How Ya Do Dat Again”. Demonstrating that he hadn’t left his hip hop roots behind, Lynch executed a flow fitting of a true MVP. Closing out the year, Lynch landed two guest features on Tech N9ne’s Welcome To Strangeland. His appearances on “My Favorite” and “Sad Circus” guaranteed that fans would get one final taste of Lynch’s madness before the year was finished. Still as fresh as the blood on his records, Lynch’s sharp collaborations on Welcome To Strangeland have left a clear impact on fans who continue to vote in large numbers.

Stepping in as the 2010 Strange Music MVP, Kutt Calhoun has plenty to boast about. The Kansas City Chief took his street inspired anthems to the people with the Strange Noize Tour 2011, which saw him perform solo sets all across the country. He followed that with a spot on Tech N9ne’s All 6’s And 7’s Tour, giving him the solo spotlight once again as he brought back favorites from B.L.E.V.E. and Flamez. His guest spot on Tech N9ne’s All 6’s And 7’s gave him an opportunity to shine on a #4 Billboard album. Riding a wave of consistency, Kutt then hit his loyal fans with his only 2011 release, Red-Headed Stepchild. The EP gave way to hits like “All By My Lonely” and “I’m Forever”, plus three brand new music videos. Proving to be a solid release from the man in red, the EP kept fans asking for more until Kutt smashed his way through Tech N9ne’s Welcome To Strangeland with several collaborations, most notably “Slave”. Leaving an impression on fans of all backgrounds, it’s easy to see how #TeamBloody can be so strong.

Facing the final outcome, who will be take home the award for 2011 Strange Music MVP? Will Kutt Calhoun defend his title or will Brotha Lynch Hung prove to be popular enough to take it to the West Coast? The choice is yours. Make your voice heard and vote for the 2011 Strange Music MVP.

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