Twisted Insane Speaks On Strange Music [Audio]

Dec 22 2011

Twisted Insane Speaks On Strange Music

Listeners may remember Twisted Insane from the last verse of “Worldwide Choppers” – spitting lyrical precision with the best of them. What you may or may not know about Twisted Insane is that his verse in “Worldwide Choppers” was just another verse for him, he spits that fast in his songs too. Twisted Insane was recently asked if he ever wanted to sign with Strange Music. His reply –

“I’ve been trying to get on that label for two years, and it started with the fans.”

Like many other artists before him, Twisted Insane has earned the respect and support of fans inside Strangeland. With Strange Music constantly expanding, who knows what the future holds for an artist like Twisted Insane.

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