Lil Wayne ‘F**k Food’ Verse On Complex’s 25 Best Lil Wayne Verses Of 2011

Dec 29 2011

Lil Wayne 'F**k Food' Featured On Complex's 25 Best Lil Wayne Verses Of 2011

Gothic themes, sadomasochism, and witty punch lines made up much of the long awaited collaboration between Tech N9ne and Lil Wayne on “F**k Food”. The collaboration shook Strangeland to its core and thanks in part to Weezy’s charismatic performance, it took center stage in 2011.

Lil Wayne’s guest spot on “F**k Food” was littered with clever lines and enough bravado to remind any listener just who Weezy F. Baby is. The feature was such a standout that it recently landed the #19 spot on‘s 25 Best Lil Wayne Verses Of 2011. Known as a monster in the guest feature world, there was no shortage of Lil Wayne verses in 2011 and the list compiled the absolute best bars that the Young Money general had to offer. Breaking down Wayne’s appearance, Complex wrote:

“Wayne was famously quoted as saying that he studied much of Tecca Nina’s catalog while doing his stretch at Rikers Island. So it was no surprise that Wayne put on his best Tech costume, when Tech tapped him to appear on ‘Fuck Food.’

Talking sex while citing Bible passages, Wayne gets into ‘nasty motherfucker’ mode and explains why he’s the real superman lover—in an almost demonic fashion. And his Tech-inspired double-time flow towards the end is the cherry on top”

While Tech N9ne smashed through the industry in 2011, Lil Wayne managed to keep himself in the spotlight with the release of Tha Carter IV and a slew of appearances like the one on “F**k Food”. In the end, both MCs proved to be well on top of their game.

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