CES Cru's Signing Stirs The Web

Jan 16 2012

CES Cru's Signing Stirs The WebStrange Music’s latest acquisition, CES Cru, has already made an impact on the independent label and it’s happened in a matter of days. Following the announcement of their official signing, fans online began showing their support for the Kansas City duo. Things only got more interesting when CES Cru surprised everyone by dropping their first video, an acapella performance of “4 Nothin”. As the hottest topic in Strangeland, CES Cru received even more exposure over the weekend when news of their signing was covered by major hip hop outlets like HipHopDX.com and BallerStatus.com. Having impressed fans everywhere with their incredible display of lyricism, CES Cru’s path to the top of indie hip hop is just beginning.

Check out what HipHopDX.com and BallerStatus.com had to say!

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