Strange Music Cypher – The Battleground [Discussion]

Jan 6 2012

For as long as the MC has been around, so has the cypher. Considered to be the purest and most honest display of an MCs abilities, the cypher has become a battleground for MCs ready to leave their definitive stamp on hip hop. The intensity combined with the pressure can make for an incredible showcase of lyrical prowess, the likes of which can make or break careers.

Although not typically considered battle rappers, the Strange Music roster boasts an impressive line up of skilled MCs. Since Tech N9ne’s appearance on the BET Cypher, fans have debated on how the rest of Strange Music would fare in the kill or be killed atmosphere of an authentic cypher. A recent discussion on explored the idea of an all Strange Music Cypher. Inspired by the fans’ discussion, we weighed in on a Strange Music Cypher and envisioned two separate cypher scenarios, giving fans the very best Strange Music has to offer. Just who would spit the hardest? Let’s take a look at the breakdown:

Strange Music Cypher: Team 1

Tech N9ne, Krizz Kaliko, Jay Rock, Stevie Stone, and Big Scoob

Location: Strange Music HQ [Front Lot]
Strange Music Headquarters

The Breakdown: What better place for Tech N9ne to represent his team than the very empire he created. With the glowing iconic Strange Music symbol in the background, the Strange Music headquarters would make for a perfect backdrop. Setting up shop, Tech N9ne would command his pack of strangers in the cypher. Skilled as a jump off MC, Jay Rock would easily make for the best opening verse. Big Scoob’s gritty and gutter style would follow with Stevie Stone jumping in after with a bit of his signature speedy flow. Krizz Kaliko would play second in command taking over with his own witty verse before handing it off to Tech N9ne for a closer that would include unorthodox delivery and multiple rhyme patterns.

Who Kills It? – It’s hard to argue that anyone would be able to outdo the Kansas City King on his own turf. Tech N9ne takes it.

Strange Music Cypher: Team 2

Kutt Calhoun, Wrekonize, Brotha Lynch Hung, Prozak, and Young Bleed

Location: Strange Music HQ [Back Lot]
Strange Music HQ

The Breakdown: Like a classic concrete jungle, the back lot of Strange Music HQ is reminiscent of the stripped down backdrops that audiences are used to seeing in cyphers. Surrounded by the fleet of Strange Music tour/promotional vehicles, the MCs position themselves to drop the flash and focus solely on lyrics. Young Bleed represents his Strange Lane roots by opening the cypher with some street hardened rhymes mixed with his signature southern style. Brotha Lynch Hung and Prozak then play a tag team of sorts, with Lynch passing it off to Prozak. As the Strange Music veteran and 2011 MVP, Kutt Calhoun takes over with his own brand of clever punchlines and looks to dominate the cypher. Not one to back down, ¡Mayday!’s Wrekonize closes out cypher #2 with a mix of double time flows and sharp lyrics, the likes of which he displayed on his “Good Good Night Freestyle”.

Who Kills It? While all MCs battle it out in this one, Wrekonize has shown an impressive streak of stellar verses in the past year. The Miami MC may very well come out the top dog in this cypher.

How do you feel about a Strange Music Cypher? Who would you like to see in it? Let us know how you would structure it in the comments below!