From Scumbag To Superstar – Scumbag Steve Talks Tech N9ne, Hip Hop, And More [Strange Music Exclusive]

Jan 20 2012

Scumbag Steve Talks Tech N9ne, Hip Hop, And MoreIf you’ve been anywhere on the internet in the last year, chances are you recognize the image above as “Scumbag Steve”. The now infamous meme that first spread in early 2011 has made the very real Blake Boston an internet celebrity. Labeled as “Scumbag Steve” and given a slew of hilarious premises, Blake’s photo (circa 2006) has circulated all over the internet community. Coping with the sudden attention, Blake embraced his internet fame and now enjoys his time in the spotlight as “Scumbag Steve”.

Recently, we came into contact with Blake Boston and were surprised to find that the guy behind the “Scumbag” persona was actually a pretty big Tech N9ne fan. After a few emails, we managed to catch up with Blake for an exclusive interview on his love for Tech N9ne’s music, his internet fame, and his aspirations as an entertainer.

For those who aren’t familiar, can you explain what it is that you’re famous for?

Well, I’m a meme and the meme that I represent, his name is “Scumbag Steve”. He’s that asshole that shows up to the party, tries to steal your girl, and rape your little sister and everything. So, it’s the guy the everybody knows and doesn’t really like, but he’s still around. When I was fifteen, my mom took a picture because she was really into photography. I guess I looked like a scumbag in the picture so they took that off my Myspace and labeled me “Scumbag Steve”.

How did you cope with the sudden fame?

At first it was a little weird because I wasn’t really used to everyone messaging me and emailing me and saying, “Dude, you’re a scumbag.” After a while, I was actually talking to a friend of mine and they were like, “You know, just embrace it, this is good.” Since I’ve always loved the entertainment business, I was like, “Yeah, you know I’ll embrace it and I’ll go along with it.” So, they brought me to this Halloween party in New York just a couple months ago in October and I realized the positive feedback that I’ve been getting. So now, I love it.

You make music as well, right? How has that been going?

I still make music, but that’s kind of on hold right now because of personal issues. I’ve made mixtapes, I’ve made CDs, I’ve been featured with my friend Reject, he’s working closely with this artist Slaine and XL. Like I said, I really like making music, but it’s on hold. I love hip hop. I like music that actually sends a message, not just hip hop. I have a really big variation of music that I like. I just love to entertain people anyway that I can. I’m very creative and I love to fucking entertain people, that’s my dream. Whether it’s hip hop, being a meme, or being on TV or being in movies, I just love to put a smile on people’s faces.

It’s actually kind of funny because a long time ago I did this video interview with an underground producer and within three days I had over a hundred thousand views on it. I linked my music to it and I got a very positive response.

When we first spoke you mentioned that you were a Tech N9ne fan. How did you come across his music?

I used to be a really big Juggalo, so I kind of heard of Tech N9ne through my Juggalo friends. Yeah, I love Tech N9ne. That “Worldwide Choppers” song man, I don’t know what it is about it, but I can’t stop listening to it.

Scumbag Steve Loves Tech N9ne

Do you think Tech N9ne would recognize you from the internet?

Honestly, I don’t know. That’s the beauty of the internet. There’s people that I wouldn’t expect to know who I am and they come up to me, big people you know. It’s like how an old school rapper called The Creator, he’s a big Boston legend, he knew me as “Scumbag Steve”. He’s actually my good friend’s uncle and he just kind of popped up one day and we went over to his house and he had all the pictures with the captions. It is surprising.

Do all scumbags listen to Tech N9ne?

There’s scumbags everywhere you go. Every type of genre and with every artist.

Do you still have dreams of being a superstar?

Yeah, I mean everybody has hopes of being a superstar. It’s what drives people, whether it’s at your job or whatever. Let’s say you’re a local cook or something, you want everybody to notice you. You want your customers to like you and to want to say hi to you, so I guess it does drive everybody. Who wants to be hated?

-Victor Sandoval, Assistant Editor Strange Music

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Scumbag Steve

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