‘I Can’t Have You Dyin At My Show!’ – Tech N9ne Warns Fan [Video]

Jan 9 2012

Tech Warns Fan Not To Jump

They don’t call Tech N9ne a “Riot Maker” for nothing. From moshpits to crowd surfing, you can expect it all at a Tech N9ne show.

Still, Tech N9ne cares about the well being of his fans as seen in this recent video clip. Wrapping up a show in Minneapolis, Tech and the Strange Music crew closed out their performance with the traditional “I’m A Playa” finale. With Best Buy’s cameras rolling, an overzealous fan hung from a nearby balcony, making it appear as though he was preparing to dive. Seeing the fan, Tech N9ne immediately warned him not to jump – “Please don’t fall!” Reluctantly, the fan made his way back to safety, giving Tech a moment of relief. There’s no doubt that things can get crazy at a Tech N9ne show, but sometimes there’s a thin line between crazy and dangerous.

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