‘Tech’s Music Saved Me’ [Video]

Jan 8 2012

Tech N9ne Fan

The mark of a truly good artist is the impact they have on their fans. Anybody can get on stage and just play, but it takes a true artist to actually touch every single one of their fans in one way or another.

Fans like TechN9neFanT94L understand exactly what that is like. He mentions that his uncle – who was akin to his best friend – died in a car accident and how he was contemplating suicide to deal with the pain and stress afterwards. It was his discovery of Strange Music that really helped him–seeing another artist use their negativity as art, and let it make them stronger.

Now, TechN9neFanT94L has a new outlook on his once bleak and colorless life after his loss. He does covers of Strange Music on his YouTube channel and proclaims “Life wont be complete till I meet Tech N9ne.”

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