‘Worldwide Choppers 2′ – Around The Planet AGAIN?! [Discussion]

Jan 27 2012

Tech N9ne - "Worldwide Choppers 2" Discussion

It started in the Midwest. Like the cold winds blowing in the air above, Tech N9ne and his team of choppers stormed the middle of the land with some of the quickest flows to ever hit wax. Nearly five years later, Tech N9ne took the choppers concept and conquered the planet with “Worldwide Choppers”. The colossal collaboration stunned listeners and emcees alike as the all-star cast obliterated syllables at an unbelievable pace. Now, in the wake of Tech’s “Chopper” series, listeners are once again hearing the call – “AAAAAAAY OH-WAY-OH WAY O-WAY -OH” Could it be time for a new crop of choppers to follow Tech to the pinnacle?

Following the release of “Worldwide Choppers” in 2011, Tech N9ne adamantly denied that he would ever add another chapter to the series of songs. After all, Busta Rhymes pretty much bullied the English language into submission with his verse. With so many elite emcees on one track, what was there really left to explore? As it turns out, plenty. Since its release on All 6’s And 7’s, fans everywhere have been debating the idea of a sequel to the international mash up. While most listeners have taken Tech’s word on there never being a sequel, it looks as though Tech may have had a change of heart.

A recent discussion on TheRealTechN9ne.com revealed that a new “Choppers” track wasn’t completely out of the question:

“At heatwave he was talking about it and he said something along the lines of ‘there was alot of places around the world he missed’ or something, so I’d guess it’d be WWC2 not Midwest Choppers 3.” – Kevin George Scott

Could Tech N9ne really be assembling a new team of choppers? If so, what countries will be represented? Who will produce the new “Choppers” record? And finally, could anything really be bigger than “Worldwide Choppers?” The thought of sequel is definitely exciting and sparks an entirely new discussion as to who Tech N9ne would tap to appear on the collaboration. While nothing is confirmed, fans have already started buzzing, hoping that the choppers make it out for one last round. With Tech N9ne preparing to shatter records on the “Hostile Takeover 2012″ Tour, Cleveland’s Machine Gun Kelly might be looking to throw his name in the hat. “Worldwide Choppers 2”, it has a nice ring to it doesn’t it?

-Victor Sandoval, Assistant Editor Strange Music

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