‘Man…Fuck Bill O’Reilly’ – Big Scoob [Strange Music Exclusive]

Feb 3 2012

Big Scoob On Bill O'ReillyJust a few weeks ago, controversial Fox News TV host Bill O’Reilly once again made headlines when he jokingly referred to himself as “a brother” on the air. The offhand remark was in response to guest Bernie Goldberg, who made the mistake of referring to Ice Cube as Ice-T, causing O’Reilly to refer to him as the whitest person he knew and then drop the “brother” comment.

While the small remark may have been a joke, it didn’t sit too well with the hip hop community as several media outlets immediately picked up on the story. Later that day, Ice-T took to Twitter to blast Bill O’Reilly for the comment and fed more fuel to the already controversial incident. With so many people weighing on the issue, we decided to catch a quick word with Strange Music’s most outspoken emcee, Big Scoob. We asked him to share his thoughts on the matter, and as always, Scoob reminded us of his No Filter attitude.

“They saying ‘Fuck Bill O’Reilly’ cuz Bill O’Reilly will twist your lyrics and take them out of context like he did Nas, like he did Ludacris, you know. He tried to fuck up Ludacris’ money by making him lose his Pepsi endorsement, you understand, yeah fuck him in that sense. If you don’t understand the music, if you don’t understand the culture then stay the fuck away from it. Him making that corny ass joke white joke? I don’t give a fuck (laughs). Shieet, I don’t know, but fuck him in the sense of all this bullshit he talkin’. Fuck him then, but that little joke right there, that doesn’t move me either way.

Ice-T Blasts Bill O'Reilly

Man Ice-T let a dog sit on his face, with his nuts. Fuck Ice-T (laughs). He on TV with nuts in his face man, what the fuck?! How can he say anything to anybody? You ain’t about to get me talking about people that ain’t do shit man, I ain’t about to feed into that huh (laughs). Man…Fuck Bill O’Reilly.”

-Victor Sandoval, Assistant Editor Strange Music

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