‘Nothing Compares’ – Krizz Kaliko Looks To ‘Kill Shit’ On The Web

Mar 20 2012

Krizz Kaliko "Kill Shit" Creates Web BuzzA camera, some headphones, and a public mall is all it took for Krizz Kaliko to let loose and “Kill Shit” in his newest viral video.

The brand new teaser for Kickin’ And Screamin‘ first hit the web late last week and within hours the video was shared on numerous hip hop sites, including WorldStarHipHop.com where it received over 18,000 views.

“Kill Shit” is the first glimpse from Kickin’ And Screamin’ and features guest appearances by Tech N9ne and Twista, the latter of which is teased in the video. Not only did the video create a buzz with Strange Music fans eager for more, but it also put Strange Music’s shocking genius in the blogger spotlight with features on YadaMedia, TheSermonsDomain, and KillerHipHop.

What will Krizz Kaliko kill next? Stay tuned for more updates from Kickin’ and Screamin‘!

Check out some of the comments on WorldStarHipHop.com:

“had to put this on repeat”

“nigga this shit is raw!!”

“Strange Music doin i BIG Glad to see Krizz kaliko getting some shine been fucking with strange music since 2004”

“Strange Music is simply fantawesome. Nothing compares, they’re in a league of their own.”

“haha. LOVE the video concept. Definately one worth stealing. 🙂 .. Busta Rhymes-ish…. dude DOPE THO”

“I liked it they always come with heat love strange music.”

“damn Krizzz killed this”

“So hard!!Tech and his crew needa start fukin wit Slaughterhouse so they can all make magic ya heard mehh!”

“WTF??!!!!!!!!! THIS NI66@ KRIZZ WENT STUPID ON THIS!!!!!!!!!!!”

“him and tech nine are very underrated”

“Krizz is a beast..He can sing rap fast and do shit in spanish..Talented VP of Strange!”

“didnt expect this shit , that was hard”


“this beat nuts”

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