‘Take Me To Your Feature’ – 10 Collabs We Want From ¡MAYDAY!

Mar 5 2012

10 Collabs We Want From ¡MAYDAY! With the release of the forthcoming Take Me To Your Leader, ¡MAYDAY! has shown an unbelievable ability to build up a buzz through the use of remixes and collaborations. From announcing two different remixes for “Death March” to revealing features from Dead Prez, Del The Funky Homosapien, and Murs, the Miami collective is bringing a completely different approach to collaborations – something that is catching Strange Music fans by surprise.

Snatching up nearly every hip hop head’s dream feature – seriously, have you heard Pharoahe Monch on “Death March”? – ¡MAYDAY! has already built a long resume of impressive collaborations. Pumped from hearing their latest “Death March” Remix – go listen right now – we decided to compile a list of our 10 most wanted collaborations from ¡MAYDAY! From the underground to the mainstream, the emcees are just waiting to rip something alongside Wrek and Bernz with Plex and Cash at the boards. Should we say please?

10) R.A. The Rugged Man

R.A. The Rugged Man

The veteran East Coast emcee is renowned for his incredibly intricate rhymes, but even more so for his ability to completely steal the show when tapped for a guest spot. Having worked with the likes of Notorious B.I.G. and Kool G Rap, R.A. has spent an entire career building his own massive list of collaborations. Throw R.A. over some boom bap with Wrek and Bernz, and call it a wrap.

9) Action Bronson

Action Bronson

Another product of New York’s hip hop scene, Action Bronson knows how to cook up a good metaphor (too much?). The chef turned rapper has been carving out a nice spot on the indie scene and with the release of Dr. Lecter, he proved he was much more than just another blog flavor of the week. Let Gianni Cash and Plex Luthor lace up something soulful for this one.

8 ) MF Doom

MF Doom

Weird, eclectic, or downright out of his mind, MF Doom has left a strong impression on listeners since his debut as the metal-faced persona. Between outlandish metaphors and an unorthodox delivery, MF Doom continues to give fans the most unique take on lyrical focus. Perhaps a concept track is best suited for this collaboration. Just make sure the real MF Doom shows up.

7) Immortal Technique

Immortal TechniqueA revolution is what you want, huh? Fueled by political lyrics and a refusal to conform, Immortal Technique remains a favorite of fans who yearn for the days of meaningful hip hop. Can you imagine what Immortal Technique would have done over “Death March”? Bring the riot gear because this one would be an all out assault.

6) Brother Ali

Brother AliA staple in the Midwest hip hop scene, Brother Ali has more to offer than just socially conscious music. The Rhymesayers emcee’s ability to cover a wide range of material has made him popular with fans of all genres. Influenced by hip hop’s early icons, Brother Ali’s approach makes him ideal for a collaboration with ¡MAYDAY! lead emcees.

5) Lupe Fiasco

Lupe FiascoPop, socially conscious, and witty? Lupe Fiasco does it all. The Chicago native first earned his stripes on Food & Liquor, a concept album taking on the good and bad in the world. With LASERS, he proved he could also be a commercial success, earning his first #1 album. We can already hear Wrek and Lupe laying down some vicious bars thick with pop culture references – George Lucas may want royalties.

4) Royce Da 5’9″

Royce Da 5'9"Never mind the fact that Royce is one of few rappers out there that can hang with Em’s flow, the Slaughterhouse emcee is also one of the most clever writers in recent memory. Whether it’s inside the Shady 2.0 cypher or on his solo releases, Royce displays a phenomenal talent that makes him one of the top emcees representing Detroit. Definitely something to save for a remix.

3) Raekwon

RaekwonOne of the innovators of “Mafia Rap”, Wu-Tang’s Raekwon has flexed his sharp lyricism in recent years by appearing on collaborations with everyone from Yelawolf to Kanye West. More street than your local dopeman, The Chef gives vivid depictions of real situations and wraps them up nicely with a rugged flow. This is another remix gem that we hope to see.

2) RZA

RZAIt’s no coincidence that Wu-Tang makes two appearances at the top. ¡MAYDAY!’s exceptional production and heavy 90s influence make for a great combo, something that just begs for a collision with one of the most influential producers in hip hop. Whether it’s a feature or a production credit, RZA vs. ¡MAYDAY! is something we could see for an entire project.

1) Nas

NASWhat can you say about Nas that hasn’t already be said? From going toe to toe with Jay-Z to the classic Illmatic, the New York legend has done it all. Even in the face of mainstream success, Nas has never shied away from being controversial and his incredible storytelling is something we could see playing off ¡MAYDAY!’s knack for conceptual tales. Let Queensbridge meet Miami on this one and watch the magic happen.

– Victor Sandoval, Assistant Editor Strange Music

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