‘Just A Really Good Combination’ – Author Soren Baker Speaks On ¡MAYDAY! [Interview Recap]

Mar 30 2012

Soren Baker With Tech N9neAuthor and hip hop journalist Soren Baker recently joined us on the Strange Music podcast for an exclusive live interview regarding his career in the hip hop industry and his relationship with Strange Music over the years. In case you didn’t tune in, here’s what you missed.

In this brief interview segment, Soren Baker shares his thoughts on ¡MAYDAY! and their new album, Take me To Your Leader.

I’m a big fan of ¡MAYDAY! I think some of my favorite songs are – I like ‘Badlands’ and ‘Death March’.

I’ve been listening to ¡MAYDAY! even before they were signed to Strange. I got on their mailing list and they had been sending all the remixes they had been doing. The good thing about ¡MAYDAY! is they have a nice blend of the production being spare, but also being very potent and even heavy at times. I think that’s a departure from what’s going on right now in a lot of rap. So, musically I like it and like the fact that some of it or a lot of it is barebones and very distinctive. I think in general, conceptually, like even what we saw with ‘The Noose’ on Welcome To Strangeland, that they are able to take interesting topics and not be afraid to explore them or discuss them in ways that people aren’t necessarily doing at the time.

That’s a big credit to Wrekonize and Bernz, on that level. Of course with the production with Plex Luthor and the rest of the band, it’s just a really good combination.


– Interview by Victor Sandoval, Assistant Editor Strange Music

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