Exclusive! – Fan Shows Off Limited Edition ‘Seepage’ /’ The Lost Scripts Of K.O.D.’ CD [Video]

Mar 6 2012

Tech N9ne - The Lost Scripts/Seepage FYE ExclusiveIt does exist!

More elusive than the chubacabra, this fan managed to snatch up this rare CD featuring both of Tech N9ne’s most recent EP’s, Seepage and The Lost Scripts of K.O.D., on one disc. The disc is an FYE exclusive, and, unfortunately, only available in select stores across the country. It’s an awesome collector’s item for those dedicated fans out there. If you’re lucky enough to have an FYE near you, then make sure to snatch it up before they’re gone!

Try to keep your jealousy contained and see it for yourself:

  • Do you own a copy of this CD?
  • What other packages would you like to see thrown together?

Let us know in the comments section below!