Is it a sign? or wishful thinking?

Mar 31 2012

So a couple of weeks ago me and makzilla were driving back from Lawrence ks. Leaving a show my nigga yukmouth was doing with my homie scorpeez. It was about 3 am in the morning when we got on the interstate back to kc. Mak turned on his Pandora station and snoop dog came on the station with the throw back what’s my name. Right after that song was outcast with players ball and mak started saying,” on your next album you need to work with artist that people won’t expect like outcast.” I was like hell yeah I would love to work with outcast. Then he said people like lauryn hill! At that moment I pushed pause on the Pandora and said, “would you believe me if I told you I was just thinkin about her last week? I told him I had caught sister act 2 twice in a row one day after another every time I turned on the tv it was on lauryns face! He said maybe that’s a sign! As he was turning back on the Pandora players ball was going off and I said I know the people who manage her when on the Pandora comes lauryns song called everything is everything! Right when the strings started me and mak looked at eachother like we saw a ghost! I said you Fuckin with me right? He said nigga I just pushed off pause I can’t control Pandora! I was trippin so hard when mak said that’s god talkin to you bro! The thing is I don’t know anybody that has her on new tracks! I said to mak why you think kanye ain’t never worked with her cause that’s so his lane! That leads me to believe that she doesn’t do features with folks! I miss her singing I miss her flow I miss her smile! Is it a sign or wishful thinking? Maybe its both! Only time will tell!