My dilemma

Mar 11 2012

So I’m the guy they call the tech #9 right? And in order to hold the name the complete technique of rhyme & technician #1 you have to be as close to flawless as possible! Over the years I’ve held that title and thru shows and verses, songs etc, I’ve proved it true! I’ve never been afraid to send my verses to any mc that I collaborate with cause I’m totally in my own lane and completely sure of my lyrical abilities! Which brings me to my dilemma! I was given two major assignments. 1 is a verse thru o.g. mugs for a guy named Mr. Smith and on this song the second verse features busta rhymes! 2 is a song called kill shit for my artist krizz kaliko that has twista on the 2nd to the last verse! I came to the studio early like superman with no fear or even doubt that I couldn’t pull this off until I listened and realized that on both of these songs they want me last after these ELITE FUCKIN MCS! pressure sets in after my 1st four bars of the Mr. Smith joint which are murder already I might add! The dilemma came with me challenging myself to do new shit cause these 2 niggas killed! I came in saying imma have both of these done within 4 hrs but found it was gonna be harder to be the last guy on each song when I never really had to be last on the songs I have them on. Best believe I’m gonna be a righteous last verse on both but to the credit of busta & twista, you niggas are a pain in my ass having to rap after you two murderin muh fuckas! Thanx for giving me this challenging Fuckin weekend brothas! I really have my work cut out for me on these songs! What’s funny is, I don’t ever recall being in this type position! But there’s nothing I can’t do!