Tech N9ne and Strange Music Join Pinterest

Mar 2 2012

With the rise of the social photo sharing site,, it seems fitting that Tech N9ne and Strange Music strike when the iron’s hot – and “hot’s what it is”. A social photo sharing site once dominated by females and riddled with food porn, Technicians and Strange Music fans are finding (p)interesting ways to utilize the website: there’s something strange happening here.

Check out the virtual pinboards

Being the number one indie rapper on the number one indie rap label means there’s a lot to share, but what do you find most pinteresting? You’ll see that the Tech N9ne and Strange Music Pinterest page has several boards for you to digest, including:

  • Vintage – A collection of vintage pics of Tech N9ne and Strange Music cohorts. Remember when Tech N9ne had the red-spiked hair? You’ll find it here on the Vintage Board along with more exclusive photos coming soon!
  • Blog/News – An easier way to digest some of the most recent blog posts and news, this board is perfect for staying up on latest news and announcements from Strange Music!
  • Artists – Your favorite artists that you know and love can all be found on the Artists’ board! Check out some of the photos and videos on this board!
  • Releases – The machine that Strange Music is, sometimes it’s easy to overlook some fan favorites. We make it easy to see all of our recent releases on the Releases Board!
  • Merchandise – Second best thing to listening to Tech N9ne all day, all night, is the ability to sport your favorite Strange Music merchandise. We’re pinning some of our favorites, and your favorites too, on the Merchandise Board! Which items are y0u re-pinning?
  • Tour – With Tech N9ne and Strange Music’s rigorous touring schedule, the Tour Board will keep you updated on all the latest happenings!

Which ones will you Repin?

With so much talent on the label, we know you’re loving it, but which items will you Repin? Pinterest has a cool feature to allow you to click the “Repin” Button to let us know your favorites. Feel free to start Repinning some of your favorites. You can also ‘Like’ and ‘Comment’ on items within Pinterest, just like you would on Facebook.

It’s no surprise that Technicians are flocking to Pinterest now to get in on the action – right in the beginning – and you can only imagine what pinning surprises may happen in Strangeland once we reach a critical mass. We encourage you to follow us on the Strange Music Pinterest Page and sign-up for an account if you haven’t already!

Check out the official page and let us know what you find the most pinteresting!

  • Do you have a Pinterest account?
  • What do you think of Pinterest?

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