Chamilllionaire Speaks On Tech N9ne And Indie Music

Mar 27 2012

Chamillionaire Speaks On Tech N9ne And Indie MusicSince his departure from Universal Records, Houston’s Chamillionaire has become the latest emcee to go back to the indie roots of hip hop and prove that major labels are an option, not a necessity.

In an exclusive interview with, Chamillionaire openly discussed his new independent status and what it is that drove him to leave the major label world. Using examples of massive indie success, Chamillionaire mentioned Tech N9ne and what he has seen as an impressive display of independence:

Even somebody like Tech N9ne. Like, man! For a long time he’s been killing it and making a bunch of money independent, but people are just now starting to find out who he is. It’s just, some people are cool with the smoke and mirrors and some people aren’t.

The extensive interview also features Chamillionaire’s insight on his new business strategy and experiences with the digital world. Chamillionaire’s comments come just months after he linked up with Tech N9ne in Australia.

Will fans finally get a collaboration? Stay tuned for more!

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