‘Another Smart Addition To His Vault’ – HipHopDX Rates ‘KLUSTERFUK’

Mar 21 2012

Tech N9ne - KLUSTERFUKKLUSTERFUK EP is still earning rave reviews for its phenomenal storytelling and exclusive production by Strange Music’s ¡MAYDAY!

A longtime supporter of the Kansas City King, HipHopDX.com recently reviewed the smash EP and praised its ability to take Tech N9ne in new directions while still keeping him in his Strange lane:

And even though Tech’s trademark lyrical thrills are as bewitching as ever, he never just spits for high-octane kicks: on songs like “Blur” his voice is all nuanced and malleable, not so much hooked around him firing off syllables for sport as warping and bending his vocals to punctuate the beat. It’s a lyrical performance that suggests close to a mastery of his art.

Giving it a final rating of 4/5, HipHopDX.com saluted the indie giant for creating something new with something all too familiar.

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