‘We’ll Get The Collab Done’ – Hopsin Speaks On Working With Tech N9ne [Interview Recap]

Mar 9 2012

Hopsin Speaks On Tech N9ne And Strange MusicUnderground sensation Hopsin recently joined us on the Strange Music Podcast for a live interview regarding his recent XXL Freshmen cover, his work on “Am I A Psycho?”, and his relationship with Strange Music. In case you didn’t tune in, here’s what you missed.

In this brief interview segment, Hopsin addressed his relationship with Tech N9ne and discussed his plans to tap the Kansas City King for an appearance on his next album, Knock Madness. Hopsin also tackled the always popular question of whether or not he will sign to Strange Music.

What kind of reception have you gotten since “Am I A Psycho?” entered the 106 & Park countdown?

A lot more black people know me now. Most of my fanbase has been white people, which isn’t a bad thing or anything, but the reaction in my actual neighborhood now when black people see me is funny. I’m like, “Man, they didn’t even know who I was until I was on BET or they saw me on XXL.” Yeah, I can definitely see it a little bit. If I go to the mall or I go to some little place where there’s a lot of people, somebody may recognize me now. It’s pretty cool I guess, but I just hope it doesn’t get too crazy because I still like being normal. I still like being able to go out and chill in places where nobody knows who I am. I don’t wanna have to wear a hoodie or a mask when I go out. I hope it doesn’t get to that point.

What kind of relationship have you had with Tech N9ne since the collaboration? Do you plan on collaborating again?

My relationship with Tech is cool. We talk on the phone from time to time and he’s a cool-ass dude. He’s a real humble person. If I didn’t know who he was as an artist, I would never even know that he was famous or anything. He’s just so humble and nice. He doesn’t rep commercial or rep fame. He’s not one of those guys who when you see him, you just feel a bunch of Hollywood-ness. That’s cool. I’ve bumped into people and I always question like, damn, this person looks like they’ll probably not want to talk to me if I try ask them a question. I don’t even wanna approach them, but Tech N9ne, he doesn’t have that vibe at all. I feel like I can call him whenever and he won’t get upset or be like, “Yo man, why you callin’ me man?” I would never abuse the privilege. It is just a vibe and he is a cool dude.

As far as us collaborating, I did talk to him briefly about appearing on Knock Madness. He was down, so I’m pretty sure he’s going to be on it. I don’t have any songs ready yet, but I’m gonna try to come up with something somewhere down the road. I’ll hit him up and ask him if he’s feeling it. If he is, then we’ll get the collab done after we handle the business behind that. If it turns out dope, we can do a video to it. I can bring him into the Hopsin world and direct a video with me and him in it. I think that would be sick.

Have you ever been interested in signing with Strange Music?

I definitely have been interested, but now I feel better if I do it the way that I’m doing it. So, it’s nothing against Strange Music . Just signing something in general, I’m kind of hesitant when it comes to signing things just because of my Ruthless Records situation. I like what I’m doing right now, I’m comfortable in the space I’m in. I still got love for Tech N9ne and still got love for Strange Music. We’re all still cool, but I prefer to do it this way. I just want to do it the way I’m doing it because it’s working for me right now. I know I have full control over everything and I like it that way. I like that I don’t have to report to anybody and do things as I want them. I’m not looking to be categorized or be a businessman like that either. I just want to be me. The way I want people to look at Hopsin is the guy on the internet who just puts stuff out as he pleases and he’s making a living. That’s what I am. I’m not trying to be a rapper. I just want to be Marcus Hopsin and Hopsin is the name I go by when I rap. I’m still a person. I like chillin’ with my girlfriend, I like going places, I like going on vacations – I like doing all that stuff. My lifestyle right now, I’m in a comfortable place to do that. That’s why I don’t really like contracts or signing with anybody, it takes a little bit of freedom away. Like I said, it’s not anything aimed at Strange Music, it’s just how I prefer to work.


– Interview by Victor Sandoval, Assistant Editor Strange Music
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