‘KLUSTERFUK’ Heats Up The Charts On Google Play

Mar 14 2012

"KLUSTERFUK" On Google Play

iTunes may have experienced a taste of Tech N9ne’s madness, but Google Play had their own KLUSTERFUK to deal with thanks to Tech N9ne’s latest EP.

Google’s digital music service gave fans an easy and fast way to download Tech N9ne’s KLUSTERFUK EP directly from their Android devices. With so many fans eager to pick up brand new music from Tech, KLUSTERFUK made its way up the charts on Google Play and shared a spot on Top New Hip Hop with the likes of Tyga, Drake, Young Jeezy, and Big Sean.

Check out what Andrew Nosnitsky of Google Play had to say about KLUSTERFUK:

“Over the past two decades, Kansas City’s Tech N9ne has built an indie empire off his reliable combination of face paint, theatrics and highly virtuosic rapping. The Klusterfuk EP is the latest small entry into that legacy, and though it offers some interesting left turns in both guests and sonics—an unexpected collaboration with veteran Houston street rappers Aqualeo, some minor dubstep flourishes on “Blur”—it’s basically just another excuse for him to do his Tech N9ne thing. It’s a predictable formula at this point, but never any less than impressive. He raps well, he raps aggressively, he raps fast. Emotions get splattered in the process, but if you blink you’ll miss ’em. So while the EP is just a short six tracks long, it doesn’t feel at all slight. In fact, Klusterfuk might be the ideal size for the uninitiated looking to digest Tech’s style.”

Click here to purchase KLUSTERFUK on Google Play.

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