‘¡MAYDAY!’s Production Touch Is A Fresh One’ – ‘KLUSTERFUK’ Review

Mar 26 2012

Tech N9ne - "KLUSTERFUK"KLUSTERFUK EP not only gave fans their first Tech N9ne release of 2012, but also served as a larger platform for Strange Music’s ¡MAYDAY!, who exclusively produced the entire project.

With the buzz surrounding KLUSTERFUK, ¡MAYDAY! is now headed towards the release of Take Me To Your Leader with full steam. Before ¡MAYDAY! takes over Strangeland, the Broward Palm Beach New Times got their hands on KLUSTERFUK and examined ¡MAYDAY!’s unique contributions to Tech’s new sound:

Mayday themselves show up on “Blur”, a track built on a moody reverse-warp bass line. In fact, throughout the EP, Mayday’s production touch is a fresh one — no straightforward boom-bap beats here. Instead, it sounds like they’ve drawn from the Miami underground club landscape, because there’s more than a hint of dubsteppy, low-end bass stuff going on.”

Following their impressive showing on the EP, ¡MAYDAY! prepares for Take Me To Your Leader on 3/26, which is now exclusively packaged with KLUSTERFUK through Strange Music’s pre-order.

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