¡MAYDAY!’s Gianni Cash Speaks On ‘KLUSTERFUK’ And ‘Sickology 101′ Remixes [Interview Recap]

Mar 15 2012

¡MAYDAY!'s Gianni Cash Speaks On "KLUSTERFUK"Just before the release of Tech N9ne’s KLUSTERFUK, ¡MAYDAY!’s own Gianni Cash dropped in on the Strange Music Podcast for a live interview regarding his production on KLUSTERFUK as well as ¡MAYDAY!’s Take Me To Your Leader. In case you weren’t able to tune in, here’s what you missed.

In this segment recap, Gianni Cash speaks on Tech N9ne’s KLUSTERFUK and what the project means to Tech N9ne’s music as a whole. Gianni also goes on to reveal that he and Plex Luthor are looking to get their hands on another popular Tech N9ne release.

Did you attempt to go in a certain direction on KLUSTERFUK or did you just send everything you had?

We sent him a first batch, which was like forty beats. He picked three beats and then we got word that he wanted something that involved more of our sound – more guitars, harder influenced tracks. I would say more on the guitar side of things. Yeah, we compiled a bunch of shit for him. At the end of the day, that’s pretty much what we do. There was a lot of beats, all sorts of beats. From traditional hip hop shit to rock influenced shit. All of that.

It’s a radical change in Tech N9ne’s sound, did you feel any pressure?

I had no pressure. I was totally into it. What makes Tech N9ne dope is changing it up and switching up, making it interesting. That’s what I really dig about him, he takes shit to the next level. That’s right up my avenue. I like to give him shit that no one has heard or that people won’t think we’ll give him. In that aspect, that was right up our lane like, “Yo, we’re gonna give him some ill shit and he’s gonna fuckin’ rock it.” He killed it.

How many tracks did you have a role in?

I have two beats on there. One is “Awkward” and one is “DKNY”, two tracks out of the six.

How do you think Tech’s fans will react to KLUSTERFUK?

I don’t know. I mean, it’s a new venture for Tech. I think people are going to really dig it. It’s something new, it’s something refreshing. I’ve read some of the comments and people are bringing it up man. Why get stuck on a certain sound? Artists tend to evolve. That’s what Tech is doing and I fuckin’ love it. Fans need to embrace that. Tech is a virtuoso with his skill and his craft. They don’t have another choice in other words, if you really think about it. He’s that dope. He can do whatever he wants.

Have there been talks of doing an entire project similar to KLUSTERFUK?

Not yet, but I will go ahead and say that it will definitely be in the works, in the future. Some day. That’s all I have to say about that.

Are there any Tech N9ne tracks that you would like to remix?

Me and Plex spoke about this. We spoke about remixing Sickology 101. We had a conversation and we were like, “Damn, that would be really dope if we could remix the whole project or remix our favorite tracks from that project.” Yeah, that would be really cool. We did “Fuck Food”, that was really dope too, but Sickology, that would be fucking awesome.


– Interview by Victor Sandoval, Assistant Editor Strange Music
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