‘Midwest Meltdown’ Fan Cover [Video]

Mar 8 2012

Fan Covers "Midwest Meltdown"Looks like we’ve got a Kansas City native in the house!

Representin’ in his KC hat, this fan covers Tech N9ne’s verse on his collaboration with T.T. and Twista in “Midwest Meltdown”. As he states in the video, Tech goes pretty hard on this joint. Anyone who attempts to do a Tech cover deserves some serious credit, especially if it’s a stab at his quicker rhymes.

This kid steps up to the plate and does it with confidence. He seems pretty pleased with himself toward the end of the video. Hopefully he’ll show us more of what he’s got.

Check it out for yourself, and see if you can match him:

  • What did you think of the cover?
  • Can you do Tech N9ne’s verse?

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