‘I Haven’t Sold As Many As I Want Yet’ – Tech N9ne Talks Being Indie [Video]

Mar 12 2012

Tech N9ne Speaks To Sub-Urban LifeTech N9ne’s rise to the top of the indie game wasn’t easy, but now that the emcee behind Strange Music is enjoying the biggest exposure of his career, he’s setting his sights on conquering the world of music.

Sitting down with Shorty of Sub-Urban Life, Tech N9ne invited the cameras into the privacy of his home for a brand new exclusive interview. Discussing his early years with Strange Music, Tech N9ne recalled what it was like to deal with label troubles and the release of Anghellic. Tech also touched on the offers that he has been getting from major labels like Def Jam and shared a memory of record exec Clive Davis’ offer to join J Records.

In what is sure to be a big surprise for Technicians, Tech also revealed a tentative plan for a brand new solo release in November, but kept tight-lipped about the album’s title. With KLUSTERFUK officially on the way, fans can already start planning for the next time they hear Tech N9ne rip apart a full length record.

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