Godemis Of CES Cru ‘Ol Gregg’ Official Teaser [Video]

Apr 10 2012

Deep within the unorthodox landscape of Godemis’ The Deevil lies “Ol Gregg”, a satirical examination of society’s abuse of social networks like Facebook.

Godemis "Ol Gregg" Official TeaserJust in time for the mixtape’s release, Godemis is giving fans the first visual from The Deevil with this brand new teaser for the official “Ol Gregg” music video.

Paying a bit of homage to the Old Greg character, what does Godemis have in store?

There’s only one way to find out, check back on April 11 for the official “Ol Gregg” music video!

Godemis - "The Deevil"


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