'I Wish That Was Closer To My Actual Life' – Godemis Of CES Cru Talks 'Ol Gregg' And The Mighty Boosh [Interview Recap]

Apr 11 2012

Following the release of The Deevil mixtape, CES Cru’s Godemis hit fans with the official “Ol’ Gregg” music video. Based on one of the most popular cuts from the mixtape, the music video gave Strangeland the first visual from the twisted depths of The Deevil.

While the music video is certainly an attention grabber,it’s the song’s homage to a bizarre and misunderstood character from the popular TV series The Mighty Boosh that has fans talking. Old Gregg, a merman of sorts, first appeared on the comedy series in 2005 and has since become a viral sensation.

With the premiere of “Ol’ Gregg”, we took advantage of CES Cru’s recent appearance on the Strange Music Podcast and asked Godemis to share some insight on the track. In this brief interview segment, Godemis explains the origins of the track and his love for The Mighty Boosh.

Are you a fan of The Mighty Boosh?

I am a huge fan. I wish that was closer to my actual life, that entire show. I love that show.

What made you want to reference an odd character like Old Greg?

What the song is about, you know, the whole social media and how people are just wrapped up in that – clearly I’m on the other end. I guess the way Old Greg applied, to me, is when he’s in the cave and he insists that due to their brief meeting on the boat and their janky conversation that he knew him and he loved him. Then he further insinuated that he could learn to love him and he wanted to share his water colors with him and keep him in his cave.

I just kind of took that character and applied it in the same way to how people are on Facebook. Like you see a motherfucker and maybe you’re friends on Facebook or whatever it is, but then you see them in person and maybe it’s weird or it’s awkward. They might be like, “Dude you know me though. I’m tag name such and such. You know me, you love me. We talk all the time on Facebook.” Then you might be like old boy on Mighty Boosh and be like, “No, I don’t. I don’t know you.”I kind of applied the character and the awkwardness to how weird people are with social media.

What has the reception been like for this particular track?

It’s pretty cut and dry man. I feel like we got some pretty sharp pencils in the box, as far as the fans go. You can’t get a lot by them. To clarify, I don’t run my Facebook page, but I do fuck around on the computer in different social medias. I feel like people should just calm down on that shit and maybe take a couple steps back.

How do you think the creators of The Mighty Boosh would react to it?

I kinda took something that, in my opinion, was really lighthearted and kinda made it maybe a tinge too serious. I don’t feel like I go too hard on the song, but if you’re familiar with The Mighty Boosh, I took something that was rather lighthearted and put an overtone of seriousness kind of over the top of it. I don’t know if they’re fans of hip hop, I don’t see how they couldn’t be seeing all the amazing music they make up on that show and I’ve actually seen the two of them rap on a couple episodes of The Mighty Boosh. I can only hope that they thought it was cool and wouldn’t wanna try and sue me for any money.

Godemis- The DeevilClick here to download The Deevil featuring “Ol’ Gregg”.


-Interview conducted by Jeff Nelson, Senior Blog Editor
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