CAUGHT! – Krizz Kaliko Invades Prozak’s Moshpit In Santa Ana, CA [Video]

Apr 17 2012

Fans who have already attended the “Hostile Takeover 2012” Tour know that the action in the crowd during Prozak’s performance is just as exciting as what’s happening on stage. At a recent stop in Santa Ana though, it’s who made it into the moshpit that caught people’s attention.

Famous for his “wall of death” and out of control moshpits, Prozak has been terrifying crowds across the country while promoting Paranormal. Fans who got caught up in Prozak’s moshpit at the Santa Ana stop on the tour got an added surprise when Strange Music’s own Krizz Kaliko snuck into the middle of the pit and joined in on the mayhem.

Thanks to JuggaloNews, fans can now check out some video of Krizz Kaliko’s moshpit skills – peep the 16 sec. mark. Prozak also caught the genius crashing the moshpit and shared the photo below on the web:

Kaliko Invades Prozaks Moshpit

Who will fans spot inside Prozak’s moshpit next? Stay tuned for more from Prozak and the “Hostile Takeover 2012” Tour!

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Prozak - "Paranormal"

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