¡MAYDAY!’s ‘Take Me To Your Leader’ Breaks Top 100 On Billboard Charts

Apr 4 2012

¡MAYDAY! - "Take Me To Your Leader"

The ¡MAYDAY! crew has plenty to be proud of following first week sales of their Strange Music debut album, Take Me To Your Leader.

Packed with 19 brand new tracks, the album has had a tremendous amount of buzz thanks to word of mouth from fans attending the “Hostile Takeover 2012” Tour. Excited to share news of first week sales, ¡MAYDAY! jumped on the web recently to thank the fans:

“Take me to your leader breaks top 100 on billboard first week! Thanks for all the support!!!”

News of the first week success came just as ¡MAYDAY! prepared the release of the official “Lando’s Jam” music video. With so much happening for the Miami group, there’s no telling how much more success Take Me To Your Leader will see in 2012.

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