Tales From The Sickest – A Look Back At Prozak’s Strange Music Collabs [Editorial]

Apr 30 2012

A Look At Prozak's Collabs

The art of the collaboration is two-fold – it shines a light of attention on an artist that may not normally get said attention…and it adds variety and flavor to an already stellar track – like adding a little crushed red pepper to an already perfect batch of mac ‘n’cheese – perfection, refined. How many rappers would you not have heard about if it wasn’t for that stand-out verse they did with one of your favorite artists – at least not at that time?

The first time I heard Prozak was when Twiztid’s EP Fright Fest ‘05 came into my possession and I couldn’t stop listening to its four tracks on loop. It was on two of those tracks that I heard Prozak– “In The Dark” and the INSANELY catchy “Need Some Help”- featuring one Tech N9ne and one Krizz Kaliko. My mind was blown – who was this guy, and when can I hear more?!

Tech And Prozak Fast forward to 2006, when Everready: The Religion dropped. When I stopped listening to all 20 tracks of that album on loop I ventured to the second disc, the bonus Strange Music Library disc with two Project: Deadman tracks.

Having never heard of PDM I listened with an open mind…wait a minute…was that…no…what?! Prozak! The tracks “Trapped” and “Holy War” – the second being one of my favorite songs of ALL time – took me deeper into the world of this mysterious rapper. My thirst grew…

Upon hearing about a Tech N9ne collaborations project in 2007, I smiled knowing there was a good chance I would meet up with Prozak again, and I was correct – with Misery Loves Kompany and the 15th track – “You Don’t Want It”. The way Prozak’s verse fit so organically – not forced or “just there” at all –led me to wonder if and when Strange would sign this maniac…

Prozak - "Tales From The Sick"The year 2008 marked the release of Prozak’s Tales From The Sick, and, though he wasn’t signed (yet) to Strange, it was indeed distributed by Strange Music. The album was a powerhouse of talent and Strange artist guest spots – such as Tech N9ne on three tracks – “Why???”, “Run Away”, and “Bodies Fall” , Kutt Calhoun on “Bodies Fall”, and Krizz Kaliko on five (!) – “Keep Grindin”, “It Was You”, “Run Away”, “Fading…”, and “Under The Rain”. This was most assuredly the album that solidified Prozak’s ability to weave vivid tales and let the masses know he is a force to be reckoned with.

In addition to a stint on Krizz Kaliko’s 2008 debut album, Vitiligo, with the track “Peek-a-Boo”, Prozak joined King Gordy on one of the darkest tracks off of Tech’s K.O.D.“Horns”. It was this track that REALLY showed the beast in Prozak (and King Gordy for that matter, Jesus) and solidified a strong working relationship with not only Tech, but all of Strange Music.

Last year was an epic year for Strange Music, with new albums from Brotha Lynch Hung, Big Scoob, Jay Rock, Young Bleed, and TWO from Tech N9ne – one of those being the next entry in the ongoing collaborations project, Welcome To Strangeland. Welcome To Strangeland was a unique album because, as the title implied, it was (almost) strictly Strange artists…and there was Prozak on “My Favorite” …and with that, in 2011, Prozak was signed to Strange Music, Huzzah!

This week, Prozak dropped his second album on Strange Music, Paranormal, and you can rest assured there will be collaborations, but this time Krizz Kaliko and Tech N9ne are the guests to the party. Big things are happening for Prozak, will you be able to say you were there for some of the first (Strange) chapters of it all?

Something wicked this way comes…are you ready?

– Strange Music Contributor Jason Ours

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