‘Remarkable’ – Juggalo News Reviews Prozak’s ‘Paranormal’

Apr 27 2012

Prozak - "Paranormal"

The acclaim for Prozak’s Paranormal is beginning to stack up as Juggalo News recently published the latest stellar review for the brand new album.

Juggalo News Reviews "Paranormal"With the album’s buzz so strong in its first week of release, Juggalo News put Paranormal to the test and saw how the album measured up to Prozak’s previous work, Tales From The Sick.

Making note of Prozak’s growth as an artist, the review applauds Prozak’s unique storytelling:

“This album as a whole is remarkable Prozak’s way with lyrics and the blend of the music to set the mood to this rollercoaster of an album. Ending this intense ride with ‘Alien‘ which was a perfect way to close Paranormal. Bringing us to a place we all know so well, ‘feeling like an alien in our own skin’. I continue to be impressed with so much that I hear from Prozak his intensity draws you in. His story telling skills and way with words makes you feel a part of his sick and twisted tales. Prozak really set the bar high for himself with Paranormal but I’m sure he will only continue to grow as an artist and amaze us with what’s to come in the future. “

The review also credits Prozak for his vivid lyricism and original concepts. At 18 tracks in length, Paranormal is giving fans everything they could ever want and then some from a Prozak album.

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