Live Interview With Prozak [Recap]

Apr 3 2012

Prozak Live On The AirOn Tuesday April 3, 2012, 2PM CST, Strange Music’s own Prozak was LIVE on the air to take your calls and answer your questions.

With Prozak’s Paranormal set for release later this month, we talked to Prozak about the long awaited album and the high profile guests slated to appear. We also discussed Prozak’s latest music videos, “Million Miles Away” and “Turn Back”, as well as the “Hostile Takeover 2012” Tour.



Let’s start off with the big topic at hand, Paranormal. The brand new album due out on April 24. Paranormal is a very interesting album title. Tell me why you chose that as the title.

The reason I chose that title – I’ve tried to explain it before online. Well first let me say what it’s not. I see people thinking Paranormal is the album about ghosts…no. I chose the title because I am paranormal to the industry and that’s the standard industry that most artists are. Other artists trying to make singles for the radio, all their videos are supposed to be played on MTV and catered towards things like that – I don’t care about those things. I care about the genre and by that I mean I don’t care about genres period. I don’t represent one thing and one thing only, hitting the one box and one box only. I’m going to attract something I’m going to do regardless of what people think.

I want to talk a little bit about your history as an artist. You’re coming out of Michigan, which is known for its diverse hip hop scene, but also for its big underground scene. Coming out of that region with all the different acts over the years, how did that influence you as an artist?

Ah, shit well let me see. Well first let me say I fucking love the music that comes out of my area. The music in my area definitely had an influence. Who from my area? A lot of motherfuckers. First and foremost ICP, Esham, MC Breed, Dayton Family, Twiztid – the list goes on and on. These artists are all all different but they have a lot in common. They came from a war-torn area, Michigan: gritty factory cities, high crime rate…matter of fact you look up the violent crime rate, Detroit is number two and Flint, Michigan is is number one. Highest unemployment rate…it’s a dark gritty place man, with the anger and the oppression and all that type of stuff in the lyrics. It’s in the visuals. That largely did inspire me because, you know you grow up with these feelings and the music from you area. you have artists that are voicing this shit around the country and letting people know how fucked up it is, what we are going through – it’s just like rapper in LA talk about how great the west coast is, and how they have all the money and the bitches. and we talk about how we have all the death and all the bad shit I guess.

But I feel very lucky though to have grown up with that type of music as an influence and I’m happy about where I’m from because when you grown up in an area that is as fucked up as my area is it make you want to change things, and I still keep true to that in my music and voice my opinions and the stuff to me that matters. You might be from a little suburban town in the midwest and might think the world isn’t this bad and this guy is just on some dark shit – well you’re not necessarily from where I’m from. You go to places that have thriving economies or you go to a little town that has fallen through the cracks and has been beaten down and you see some really horrible things and it’s not all good out here but I feel we are in the verge of a change.

I know I got a little off topic. One thing I’m trying to get out there is at the end of the day all we really got is us and you can try and own the world but you cant take any the shit with you bro and we are only alive for a little bit of time. We have a very short shelf life if you really thing about it. So all we really got is each other so if we’re going to continue to kill and maim and cut each others throats and step on each others feet…well it doesn’t take a fucking genius to figure out where this is going to go right?

A lot of people may not know that you actually had a history with Strange Music long before you were signed. Tell me about your relationship with Strange and how that developed.

Yeah, the relationship started back in 2002. In late 2002 I reached out to Travis. I believed in what Tech was doing a lot and needless to say he was less known at that time. So I reached out to Travis and expressed an interest in wanting to spread his music and the word of Strange Music in my corner of the midwest and a little of the east coast and at that time of course i was doing my own music and i would bring promos. I think at the time we were gearing up to do Absolute Power and I was spreading around the poster snipes, going to clubs, making contacts and that lead to me and Tech doing a track and Travis wanting to hear that track and some of the music that I had and within 48 hours I found myself in Los Angeles with Mike E. Clark signing a Project: Deadman deal with Strange Music, which was phenomenal for me. I never saw it coming, it just happened, so we sighed as PDM and then very recently I signed exclusively as a solo artist to Strange Music. So, I’ve been part of Strange Music for about decade. I directed “Bout Ta Bubble” with Tech N9ne, booked Tech a lot of shows in my area, done several tours with Strange – I go way far back with Strange Music for a long time.

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