OpiumOfThePeople.net Covers Prozak And Sid Wilson Collab

Apr 13 2012

Slipknot Fan Site Shows Love For Prozak And Sid Wilson

Prozak’s recent collaboration with Sid Wilson of Slipknot may just earn the Hitchcock of Hip Hop some new fans in the world of metal.

OpiumOfThePeople.net, one of the largest Slipknot fan sites, is showing plenty of love for Prozak’s Paranormal as they have featured “The End Of Us” and the recently released video of Sid Wilson speaking on the collaboration and Prozak’s incredible work ethic.

With Slipknot fans already getting behind Prozak, the coverage just proves that Prozak’s music indeed is without barriers, but most of all, Paranormal.

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Prozak - "Paranormal"

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