POLL: Which Snippet From 'Paranormal' Makes You Want To Hear More?

Apr 12 2012

Prozak - "Paranormal"

As the countdown to Paranormal begins to near its end, fans everywhere are getting eager for more from the Hitchcock of Hip Hop.

Recently, snippets from Prozak’s Paranormal made their way to the web and had fans buzzing as they sampled the brand new album before its release. From early favorites like “Million Miles Way” to the promising “Tell A Tale Of Two Hearts”, fans were given an early preview of what Prozak has called his best work yet.

The excitement didn’t stop there because the exclusive snippets also provided listeners with a taste of what Tech N9ne and Twiztid brought to the album with their guest spots.

With so much anticipation for Prozak’s Paranormal, we would like to know which of the snippets has you the most excited and eager to hear more.

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