Prozak: ‘If People Really Want The Donner Party, They Can Make It Happen’ [Interview Recap]

Apr 9 2012

Prozak On The Donner Party

With Paranormal on the way, Prozak dropped in on the Strange Music Podcast recently for an exclusive live interview. Speaking on his new album and more, Prozak shared some insight on his career and the things that inspire his music. In case you didn’t tune in, here’s what you missed.

In this brief interview segment, Prozak discusses his long awaited side project with Brotha Lynch Hung, The Donner Party. Explaining its origins, Prozak went on to speak on the difficulties facing the project, but confirmed that something will eventually happen between the two.

I hate being one of those people out there that say “Aw, this is for sure gonna happen. Or not, or whatever.” There’s a lot of people out there that are like, “Man, just tell us.” I don’t really have answer for that. I would definitely like to do it. For people out there that are like, ‘What are they talking about?’ When I was on the Strange Days Tour, I came up with this idea of The Donner Party. That idea would be me and Brotha Lynch Hung and possibly C-Lim, which at the time was Brotha Lynch’s hype guy, doing a group together and putting out a record. Me and Lynch got along really well on the Strange Days Tour. We have a lot in common from our love of movies, films, and writing treatments and scripts. As well as our obsession of horror movies and crazy shit, needless to say. I believe that it could be an amazing project. He’s definitely expressed interest in doing, as have I. We talked a few months ago for quite a while actually, on the phone, about taking it to another level and really getting it started. I think the problems are that I live in Michgan, he lives in California. Brotha Lynch has his own career, obviously. He’s putting out records, touring, and doing shows. I’m doing the same thing. It’s difficult to get on the same page and hammer it out.

But, what I will say, Strange Music has always listened to its audience. If people really want The Donner Party, they can make it happen. If everybody out there makes enough noise, that’s how things happen. Regardless of that, we’re gonna try to eventually get something out. Maybe, if not, just an EP. Maybe even just start with a song and kick it out there. If we do it, I can imagine it’s going to be some great stuff because I think you put a brain like me and Lynch together, I don’t know what the fuck can happen. Craziness.

-Interview by Victor Sandoval, Assistant Editor Strange Music
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