Real Detroit Weekly Premieres Prozak’s ‘Line In The Middle’ Featuring Twiztid

Apr 19 2012

Real Detroit Weekly Premieres Prozak "Line In The Middle" Featuring Twiztid

Just before the official release of Paranormal, Prozak takes listeners on a hell-ride with the grisly “Line In The Middle” featuring longtime collaborators Twiztid.

Premiered by Real Detroit Weekly, the brand new track finds Prozak and Twiztid examining that thin line between life and death over some of the heaviest production fans have ever heard.

With powerful rock guitars and venomous flows, “Line In The Middle” is another classic offering of the wicked sh*t served up by the best Saginaw has to offer.

Turn up the volume, jump in the pit, and brace for impact!

Click here to listen to “Line In The Middle”.

Real Detroit Weekly also conducted an exclusive interview with Prozak and asked him to share some insight on the inspiration for “Line In The Middle”:

“The meaning and the inspiration comes from this: As you walk through a cemetery, you can’t help but notice the engravings on the stones. All of them have the year of birth & the year of death. However, the MOST important part is the little line in the middle. That line is all the experiences and every single thing that person has ever done and said. Their LIFES work summed up in a dash.”

Click here to read the full interview.

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Prozak - "Paranormal"

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