‘The Song Is Massive’ – Twiztid Talks Collaborating With Prozak And Coming Up In Detroit [Interview Recap]

Apr 20 2012


Twiztid Talks Collaborating With Prozak

With Prozak’s highly anticipated Paranormal only days away, underground veterans Jamie Madrox and Monoxide of Twiztid dropped in to the Strange Music Podcast for an exclusive interview regarding their work with Prozak and Strange Music over the years. In case you didn’t tune in, here’s what you missed.

In this brief interview segment, Twiztid explained how their relationship Prozak has developed since their first meeting and provided some insight on their collaboration, “Line In The Middle”, from Prozak’s Paranormal. Twiztid also went on to speak on what it was like for artists like themselves and Prozak coming up in Michigan.

Let’s talk about Prozak’s album, Paranormal. Tell me about the song you are featured on and tell me about the relationship you have with Prozak.

Jamie Madrox: We’re close with Prozak. He comes over to our house every Sunday for spaghetti dinner and bread. We hang out, he’s like a member of our family.

Monoxide: I call him Steven. I don’t call him Prozak.

Madrox: : I only call him Prozak when I’m talking in the third person, but when I talk to him directly I call him Steve. Sometimes Stevie. That’s my dawg, we’re cool as hell with Prozak. It’s been a cool relationship since we got real close with him. We toured with him a lot and he’s good people man. Anytime he’s ever doing anything, it’s an honor to be a part of his project. Anytime we’re doing anything and we reach to him, it’s like no question. He’s got our backs. That’s family love right there, that’s the true definition.

Monoxide: The song is massive. The concept he came up with, the line in the middle. Your funeral, when you look your tombstone, there’s two dates. There’s the date you were born and the date you die, but what really matters is that little line in the middle of those two dates – that’s your life. You know, and I thought that was fucking genius.

You and Prozak all came up in the same scene, what was that like?

Monoxide: It sucked. Detroit is a cutthroat city. Everybody and every man for himself. So when you can find another artist that really isn’t looking to cut your throat on every fucking thing you do, it’s good. Business aside, we’re friends. Like I said, it ain’t just Prozak. We’re first names with these motherfuckers.

Madrox: Right, we sit there and talk about fucking horror movies until the sun comes up and then be like, “Alright, go to your tour bus and go to bed motherfucker. We got a show tomorrow!”

Monoxide: Right. We all came up together. Not necessarily on the same label, but we all kind of came up together so we have this bond. I think that shit is forever. We don’t have a lot of friends in music. There’s Strange and Potluck and that’s about it (laughs).

Madrox: Exactly. So we actually stay real close to the motherfuckers that we are down with because they are far and few between. So when we find good friends, we hold on to them and cherish them.


-Interview conducted by Victor Sandoval, Assistant Editor Strange Music
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Prozak - "Paranormal"

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