Fan Gets Sadistic With ‘Takin’ Online Orders’ Cover [Video]

Apr 19 2012

Fan Covers "Takin' Online Orders"

There’s just something so right about a black and white fan cover to Lynch’s twisted “Takin’ Online Orders” featuring Tech N9ne.

Landing every terrifying syllable, TechNIXian816 took on the hit collaboration and even managed to chop it up during Tech’s unbelievably speedy verse. Taken from Lynch’s Coathanga Strangla album, “Takin’ Online Orders” continues to be a fan favorite with listeners everywhere and if this fan can put on such an impressive display of flow, what will the rest of Strangeland be able to do?

Click here to watch or scroll down below.

  • What did you think of the cover?
  • Can you keep up with Tech’s verse?

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