Both Sides Of The Lens – Prozak And Tech N9ne’s Crossover To Film [Editorial]

Apr 30 2012

Tech N9ne And Prozak In "Enemy"Since the first official broadcast of Run DMC’s “Rock Box” on MTV in 1984, the worlds of hip hop and film have grown to form a longstanding relationship. Years after the first hip hop music video aired on MTV, artists like 2Pac would venture beyond music videos and into the realm of filmmaking, something that would forever change the paths of success available to hip hop artists.

The 90s saw a boom of emcees taking the road to stardom by stepping in front of the camera. For people like Ice Cube, Hollywood would prove to be a tremendous asset. Whether in music videos or on the big screen, hip hop would forever be caught on camera. It’s no surprise then that in the decades after Run DMC conquered the airwaves that artists like Prozak and Tech N9ne would take their turns both in front and behind the camera.

The mainstream spotlight fell on Tech N9ne later in his career, but thanks to music videos, Tech was able to reach audiences around the world during the early years of Strange Music. More recently, videos like “Red Nose” and “He’s A Mental Giant” displayed Tech’s natural star power while “Am I A Psycho?” proved just how perfectly Tech would fit into the role of a horror movie.

With previous minor roles in Danny Trejo’s Vengeance and the comedy faux-documentary Life Of Lucky Cucumber, Tech N9ne was given the opportunity to explore his acting. This would eventually lead to Tech’s role in the upcoming Night Of The Living Dead: Origins 3D, a retelling of the horror classic.

While Tech sharpened his acting skills, Prozak was taking on the role of director as he built on his love of filmmaking by directing several music videos, including Tech’s own “Bout Ta Bubble” in 2006. The foam filled visuals of women and Tech N9ne brought the party anthem to life. Since then, Prozak has gone on to direct many of his own music videos and even developed his own series of films, Seekers.

Tech N9ne And Prozak
Prozak And Tech N9ne On The Set Of "Bout Ta Bubble"

Prozak’s most recent release, Paranormal, once again paired the duo for a set of music videos. Taking their previous work on “Bout Ta Bubble” a step further, Tech and Prozak appeared together in “Enemy” and “Until Then”, the latter of which saw both emcees take a more serious turn at acting. It’s their interaction in both videos that speaks volumes of how Tech N9ne and Prozak approach their work in film. With Prozak at the helm of director, the video’s intense and frenetic visuals gave “Enemy” the hardcore touch it needed.

Moving forward, there is no doubt that Prozak and Tech N9ne have plenty left to show the camera. In a recent interview, Prozak revealed the possibility of developing a film based on his original script. Could Strange Music’s macabre director be looking to cast the Kansas City King in a full length feature film?

Keep the cameras rolling because Prozak and Tech N9ne aren’t done yet.

-Victor Sandoval, Assistant Editor Strange Music

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